South Sudan’s Unknown gun men



Many South Sudanese  are asking the Question ”When will these unknown gunmen be known?” This question comes amid rising level of killings that ordinary citizen may not understand.

For many times Citizens have been losing lives either on the streets of  South Sudan Towns or the roads leading to these towns. Once some one is attacked or sometimes killed the news comes with the name ”UNKNOWN GUN MEN”  did so. These unknown gunmen act sometimes at night or during a broad day light. Either on the road or at home. Either on the roads in the towns or roads leading out side the towns to other towns. The lastest incident was reported in South Sudan Central Equatoria Lainya County. According to Catholic Radio Network CRN, Unknown gunmen on Monday attacked a business land cruiser vehicle in Kenyi Payam of Lainya County in Central Equatoria State killing one person, capturing 6 before they were released and that three other travelers were still missing. – See more at:

Do you think those who say the People are killed or attacked by unknown gun men are right or wrong? If it is you who is to give information regarding these People to the Media who would you say attacked or killed some one who became victim of such incidents?

Today be a government official imagine you have received an information about an incident of this kind and Media Personnel approached you for details of who attacked or killed. Remember you were in your office when the incident happened.


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