Historian says creation of 28 states complicates boundary disputes

Sudan and South Sudan history expert says recent studies indicate that within the ten post-2005 CPA states, there have been boundaries’ disputes that would become more difficult to resolve with the creation of 28 states.
Dr Douglas H. Johnson in a brief analysis of the boundaries of 28 states says there is no clear pattern in the designation of the new states.
He explains that some new state boundaries run along the old provincial lines while others follow 1956 Districts and 1960 Rural Councils and some with outright annexations.
Dr Douglas observes that the principle of ethnic federalism has not been consistently applied; raising more questions than answers in the creation such as why were Jur and Bongo of Wulu County retained within Western Lakes State’ s Dinka and why Wulu could not be given separate state like Cueibet from Rumbek Counties.
The historian wonders what population census President Salva Kiir used to determine the accurate representation of each state and county given several displacements all over the country.

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