JMEC Chairperson Visits Bor, calls on Parties to intensify efforts for Peace

26 Nov, 2015, Juba South Sudan:

The chairperson of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission Festus Mogae, former president of Botswana visited Bor the capital of Jonglei State this morning, Thursday 26 November.

While in Bor the chairperson met with local officials, the monitoring and Verification Team responsible for monitoring violations of the ceasefire and representatives of humanitarian agencies and the United Nations.

He also toured the town of Bor and the protection of Civilians camp and met a number of internally displaced persons.

Upon return from Bor the chairperson expressed sorrow at the suffering of the people of Bor and at the destruction still evident in the town.

He called on the parties to the Agreement to intensify their efforts to start the process of reconciliation and reconstruction for the people of South Sudan regardless of ethnic origin or political orientation.

The Agreement offers the way forward for peaceful South Sudan. I urge the parties to accelerate the implementation process particularly on the cantonment of their forces he said.

President Mogae noted with deep concern the reports of continued fighting in Unity calling on parties to adhere to the permanent ceasefire with immediate effect.

JMEC is due to hold its inaugural meeting on Friday 27 November in Juba.


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