Wonduruba community signs peace deal with SPLA to end hostilities.

The community of Wonduruba located west of Juba City has reached peace agreement with SPLA Commando Unit to cease hostilities in the area.

Disgruntled residents of the area have been fighting against the SPLA since September this year, Radio Bakhita reports.

Bishop Paul Yuggusuk, the leading Church mediator says the peace agreement was reached on December 2nd in Wonduruba.

The peace deal enables the displaced community to resettle for normal life, says the bishop.

Over 15 thousand residents of Wonduruba have been displaced from their homes during the months of military engagement with the army, the bishop discloses.

Bishop Yuggusuk says with assurance from the government, the displaced seem willing to return to their homes.

But, there is still fear of impending attack from the SPLA among them, the bishop observes.

Wonduruba community representative in the peace talk, Engineer Stephen Luga says the peace deal will hold.

Both parties to the conflict agreed to implement the deal, he reiterates.

 Fighting between SPLA and alleged members of the Opposition broke out in Wonduruba in September this year.


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