Equatoria, Bahr El Ghazal insurgency will be treated as Culprits: Makuei

The official government Spokes Person Michael Makuei Lueth said Friday following council of Ministers sitting chaired by President Kiir that anybody in the Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal regions who claim to be SPLM/A IO or trying to run an armed rebellion will be treated as culprits describing them as bandits.

Makuei say the government will not recognize any rebel in the Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal region.

He said that the situation in Upper Nile is normal adding that only in the Equatoria there are some elements that cause insecurity destabilizing the local population.

‘’the situation in other parts of Upper Nile and parts of Bahr El Ghazal the is normal,’’ Makuei said ‘’As for the situation in Equatoria there are some elements who have been misled by Riek Machar and SPLM IO and who are told to setup their own divisions so that they are integrated in to the SPLM/A IO. They have started to assemble and they are the ones that have been causing havoc and causing insecurity to the civil population in Western Equatoria and Parts of Eastern Equatoria’’

The minister pointed that the government forces have apprehended most of them scattering others with the SPLA gallant forces giving them hot pursuit all over because they are not part and parcel of the SPLM IO.

‘‘These are People who have been told, these are People who are looking for positions, these are people who have no course, these are people who have been told by the SPLM IO to rebel or to defect and set up their camps so that they are recognized as rebels’’ he said

‘’In actual fact’’ the minister continued, ‘’when disposition of forces was made in Addis there was no mention of any forces presence in Equatoria and in Bahr el Ghazal. According to their (IO) report they were all concentrated in Upper Nile State. The creation of such positions and such forces   at this particular moment is a flagrant violation of the agreement and will not be recognized by the government of the republic of South Sudan even if they come and declare them again at any other space’’

He described those operating in the two regions of Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal as culprits who would be dealt with.

‘’ We are dealing with them as bandits and criminals who are causing unnecessary in security to the People of South Sudan’’ the minister said adding ‘’ If the SPLM IO claim them to be their people they are advised to take them where they have recognized that they have their forces and not in Equatoria or Bahr El Ghazal’’

We will treat him as culprit who wants use the name of the SPLM IO to serve his individual or personal interest. The SPLM IO is in greater Upper Nile not here in Equatoria. So we will deal with them as culprits, as bandits who are causing insecurity and havoc to the People of South Sudan’’

Makuei said if there is a separate movement or rebellion coming up in Equatoria the government has to be informed.

The minister added that the cabinet listens to security situation report citing general calmness especially in Juba with reduced number of crimes.

He said despite existence of individual offences committed by individuals, such people would be brought to book.

The minister further said the council listened to progress report in the implementation of the peace agreement and the delay of SPLM IO advance team arrival to Juba.

He added that the delay of the IO is because of disagreement on the numbers where SPLM/A IO want larger number while the government needs only 30 people.

He said they are still negotiating on the numbers adding that IO will come as soon as there is an agreement reached on the numbers of SPLM IO team coming to Juba

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