Juba: Over 100 deathrow inmates await execution


At least 100 convicts are awaiting execution at the Juba Prison, the Prisons Service has told Eye Radio.

Most of them were handed capital punishment for committing murder.

According to the Director-General of the prisons, Gen Henry Kuany, some of the deathrow inmates are women.

“These are women who killed their husbands,” Gen Kuany told Eye Radio.

He said the inmates have overstayed and ‘do not know their fate’ in the prison.

Gen Kuany also told Eye Radio that some of the inmates have been pardoned by the president. However, he could not name those pardoned.

Last week, some prisoners were given special release by the President. We are preparing another list for the celebration of the New Year,” he added.

From its independence in 2011, to the end of 2012, South Sudan conducted at least 10 executions, according to Death Penalty Worldwide organization.

The nascent state also imposed new death sentences in 2011 and 2012.

South Sudan’s 2008 Code of Criminal Procedure (pre-independence) provides that execution is by hanging.


Built in 1947, the Juba Prison was designed to accommodate 500 inmates. However, it’s now housing more than 1500 prisoners.

Recently, authorities of Juba Teaching Hospital said some mentally deranged are confined in the prison due to lack of special facilities for them.


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