India seeking Land for investment in Jubek

JUBEK 14/01/2016: The government of India is seeking land for investment in Jubek State the Indian Ambassador to South Sudan Srikumar Menon on said Thursday after a meeting with the governor of Jubek State Augustino Jaddalla.

‘’I met the governor at my request. I wanted to congratulate him on his assumption of his new assignment as the governor of Jubek State. I was able to basically request him to help the government of India in finding a plot of land as well as to allot a plot of land for locating the Embassy of India and the proposed construction of India South Sudan friendship hospital in Juba town itself’’ Ambassador Menon said

He said the government of India and Jubek State are working for the modalities for the success of the program hoping concrete results in the near future will emerge.

‘’We also disused about bilateral interactions between the two countries and specially in regard to Jubek State what collaborative projects which we could do especially in the field of agriculture, capacity building and other aspects of our relations’’ Menon said

Governor of Jubek State Augustino Jadalla Wani in response appreciated the Government of India for the support in Africa and South Sudan and the Donation to constructing a Hospital.

Jadalla said Jubek State would welcome investors in different fields and in particular in the field of agriculture, improvement of sanitation system and garbage.


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