Catholic Bishops vow to bless plan B if parities fail to implement agreement


The Catholic Bishops of South Sudan and Sudan vow to bless any plan “B” or “C” that the international community will enforce if the SPLM-IO and the government fail to implement the peace agreement.

The Bishops in a message after their extraordinary meeting in Rome, Italy say they bless an appropriate plan to rescue the situation of South Sudan.

They express concern that the peace process should not hold this time as South Sudan is already described as “failed state”.

The Bishops are also calling for more efforts for dialogue and peace in the


They encourage attempts of the warring parties of the Sudan to bring lasting peace to Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

The Bishops regret the resumption of bombardments of innocent people in these areas this month.

They call on the Sudanese now to be the first to realize that war and killing do not solve problems.

The Bishops urge the government of Sudan and opposition to sit and negotiate a just and peaceful settlement to the conflict.


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