South Sudan Imotong State residents fleeing to Kenya.

Thousands of people mainly women and children in Imatong State are fleeing to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, an official has confirmed.

South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission official in Torit says the number of people fleeing the area had increased in the last few weeks, Radio Emmanuel reports.

Residents are afraid of deteriorating security situation and of what may happen during the dry season, the official says.

Lina Akot and her five children boarded a van heading to South Sudan- Kenya border.

Akot says she is leaving Torit for Kenya because of insecurity making the environment unfavourable for her children’s education.

Sara Deng, a mother says she has already taken her children out of the country.

She says she is convinced that Kakuma Refugee Camp is more secure to live in and bring up children than her insecure home country.

John Odongi Simon, the Acting Director of South Sudan Relief & Rehabilitation Commission in Eastern Equatoria confirms that majority of those fleeing the country are women and children.

Odongi says the flight is worsened by fears of insecurity and tough economic conditions in the country.


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