Alcohol sellers complain about ban in Tonj State


Radio Don Bosco

Local alcohol brewers and sellers complain that the government should not stop the business for them to earn their bread.


One of the sellers told journalists that the ban affect parents because they get money to pay the school fees of their children and buy food, Radio Don Bosco reports.


Deputy town mayor Valentino Machar Ater told the sellers that there are many ways of earning living.


He said “the money you use to buy, sugar, yeast, flour to prepare alcohol can let you buy any other thing for different business to earn more money”.


Tonj government authorities banned alcohol brewing and sale on January 18.


It ordered the organized forces to pour out any alcohol found in the houses or markets.



Congolese refugees flee new South Sudan fighting


EZO, South Sudan, Jan 28 (UNHCR) – Clashes erupted between the so-called Arrow Boys and South Sudanese government soldiers late last year. The school and hospital were looted and homes burnt to the ground. Now, Pierre* and thousands of other refugees have to move again.

 “I thought it was the end of the world,” said Pierre, recalling the day violence caught up with him. “I was in my fields when the fighting began. I dropped everything and rushed home to get my wife and children, but on the way I was taken by armed youth.”

 He was held hostage and forced to carry the militia’s supplies, all the while unaware of the fate of his wife or their two-month-old daughter and four-year-old son. He was finally released unharmed after several days.

 “I immediately headed back home to look for my family, fearing the worst,” he continued. “When I reached Ezo, I found my hut completely ransacked and my boy inside alone in tears but my wife and younger daughter were gone.”

Equatoria, Bahr El Ghazal insurgency will be treated as Culprits: Makuei


The official government Spokes Person Michael Makuei Lueth said Friday following council of Ministers sitting chaired by President Kiir that anybody in the Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal regions who claim to be SPLM/A IO or trying to run an armed rebellion will be treated as culprits describing them as bandits.

Makuei say the government will not recognize any rebel in the Equatoria and Bahr El Ghazal region.

He said that the situation in Upper Nile is normal adding that only in the Equatoria there are some elements that cause insecurity destabilizing the local population.

‘’the situation in other parts of Upper Nile and parts of Bahr El Ghazal the is normal,’’ Makuei said ‘’As for the situation in Equatoria there are some elements who have been misled by Riek Machar and SPLM IO and who are told to setup their own divisions so that they are integrated in to the SPLM/A IO. They have started to assemble and they are the ones that have been causing havoc and causing insecurity to the civil population in Western Equatoria and Parts of Eastern Equatoria’’

The minister pointed that the government forces have apprehended most of them scattering others with the SPLA gallant forces giving them hot pursuit all over because they are not part and parcel of the SPLM IO.

‘‘These are People who have been told, these are People who are looking for positions, these are people who have no course, these are people who have been told by the SPLM IO to rebel or to defect and set up their camps so that they are recognized as rebels’’ he said

‘’In actual fact’’ the minister continued, ‘’when disposition of forces was made in Addis there was no mention of any forces presence in Equatoria and in Bahr el Ghazal. According to their (IO) report they were all concentrated in Upper Nile State. The creation of such positions and such forces   at this particular moment is a flagrant violation of the agreement and will not be recognized by the government of the republic of South Sudan even if they come and declare them again at any other space’’

He described those operating in the two regions of Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal as culprits who would be dealt with.

‘’ We are dealing with them as bandits and criminals who are causing unnecessary in security to the People of South Sudan’’ the minister said adding ‘’ If the SPLM IO claim them to be their people they are advised to take them where they have recognized that they have their forces and not in Equatoria or Bahr El Ghazal’’

We will treat him as culprit who wants use the name of the SPLM IO to serve his individual or personal interest. The SPLM IO is in greater Upper Nile not here in Equatoria. So we will deal with them as culprits, as bandits who are causing insecurity and havoc to the People of South Sudan’’

Makuei said if there is a separate movement or rebellion coming up in Equatoria the government has to be informed.

The minister added that the cabinet listens to security situation report citing general calmness especially in Juba with reduced number of crimes.

He said despite existence of individual offences committed by individuals, such people would be brought to book.

The minister further said the council listened to progress report in the implementation of the peace agreement and the delay of SPLM IO advance team arrival to Juba.

He added that the delay of the IO is because of disagreement on the numbers where SPLM/A IO want larger number while the government needs only 30 people.

He said they are still negotiating on the numbers adding that IO will come as soon as there is an agreement reached on the numbers of SPLM IO team coming to Juba

Official Says Yei Would Soon Lead South Sudan in HIV/AIDs rates.


nhpc-header-1200Santo Paul Lasuba the Mayor of Yei Municipality has on Thursday during a meeting with Chiefs urged the community of Yei to respect chiefs to help reduce the ongoing bad behaviors in the Municipality. ‘’Here in the Municipality there is growing drug abuse, youth are going to bars and Hotels. I as the mayor have issued orders against these bad practices. These orders are to be implemented by the chiefs because the chiefs represent us in the local government. So the community should respect chiefs while doing their work,’’ Paul told Media in Yei during his first meeting with Chiefs since assuming office. The Mayor urged the community members to cooperate with the Municipality in implementing the orders the Municipal has issued majorly in control of spread of diseases. ‘’Now HIV/AID is spreading rapidly in Yei. Yei is number two after Yambio of Western Equatoria State. Soon we in Yei will be number one leading with high HIV/AIDs rates. We need massive awareness to be carried for the People to be aware of the disease in Yei,’’ Paul said Chris Issa Gordon the County AIDS Coordinator in Yei said his office has a three months cumulative results of clients Issued on April this year showing 3486 people  seeking HIV/AIDs treatment. The Coordinator said there has not been a decrease in getting people with HIV citing that the hospital gets on average above forty to fifty new clients per month. He said this might be due to increase in new infections in the community urging for urgent action to reduce the problem. He calls for increase in awareness, prevention intervention and information sharing within the public regarding the life threatening infection to cut down transmission. Gordon cites high HIV/AIDs treatment defaulter numbers of around 30-50 patients per three months in Yei revealing that there is a plan to trace those who avoid taking the ARVs. There are many complaints from the people we lead. The people need development in terms of roads, schools, hospitals so that if someone is sick there will be quick helped,’’ said the sub chief of Marju Sub Boma Sekowa Lumaya Isaac. Sekowa  advised the his counter parters  to continue working though there is no pay for the chiefs in South Sudan calling on the government to help the people of Marju Sub Boma finishes the construction of their community school remaining at roofing stage. Chiefs raised the suffering of their People due to the ongoing economic crisis adding that Yei is hosting internally displaced people who always buy from the Market but now have become unable to cop up with market Prices. They urge the government in Yei to control the Prices so that those who ran from conflict areas and are in Yei afford to feed their families.

SPLA-IO briefly shell Bentiu in Unity State


Opposition forces in South Sudan’s Unity State launched mortar shells at the state capital today, according to government sources.

SPLA spokesman Philip Aguer said the shelling was coming from the southeast of Bentiu. “There are no injuries yet as a result of this shelling. There are no casualties.”

He noted, “This is not an attack by ground forces – these are artillery attacks with mortars on the areas inside Bentiu. But the forces of SPLA are controlling Bentiu city and the area around it.”

EAC leaders urge faster integration



East African Heads of State have commended achievements made under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects (NCIP) initiative and advocated for faster integration of the region to bring about prosperity.

Presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan and Burundi’s Second Vice President Gervais Rufyikiri as well as Ethiopia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, joined President Paul Kagame in Kigali yesterday for the 9th NCIP summit.

Less than two years since the northern corridor meetings began, fourteen projects including infrastructure, energy, transport, ICT and trade have been launched.

Recent achievements of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects include the improved free movement of people and labour, the use of Identity Cards as travel documents, the establishment of One Network Area, the one visa for tourists coming to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and the waiver of work permits for EAC citizens in the northern corridor.

IMF First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton Visits DRC To Discuss Economic Challenges


Mr. David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) during March 5–7, 2015, and issued the following statement at the conclusion of the visit:

“I would like to thank Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo Mapon for his hospitality and our fruitful discussions during my visit. I also had the honor to meet Minister of Finance Henri Yav Mulang, Governor of the Central Bank Deogratias Mutombo Mwana Nyembo, members of parliament, and representatives of business and civil society.

“I was also pleased to have opportunities for engagement outside the official sector, including discussions with faculty and students at the Protestant University in Congo, a visit to the Kimbondo Orphanage, which provides shelter and health care to orphans and abandoned children, and where we were able to make a donation, and to talk to students at the Gombe public school. The energy, commitment and enthusiasm of the people I met was impressive.

“In my discussions with the authorities, we covered many important topics, including the challenges of maintaining economic and financial stability in a difficult domestic and global environment, how to diversify the economy, the need to further strengthen governance, as well as the pursuit of policies to create jobs and reduce poverty and inequality. We discussed the recent decline in copper prices and the challenges it poses for the DRC economy. I was impressed by the progress made over the last five years in bringing about economic stability and robust growth, which resulted in the DRC recording the third fastest growth rate in the world in 2014. I was also encouraged by the authorities’ intention to build on this record and to transform the DRC into a more inclusive economy.

“I am pleased with our ongoing dialogue, in particular through our annual consultations and sustained program of technical assistance (TA), and look forward to finding ways to further develop this relationship. However, the policy agenda to take forward is sizable as the DRC still faces many challenges in achieving broad-based and more inclusive growth. These include: mobilizing domestic revenues to create fiscal space, including allowing adequate investment in social sectors, addressing the infrastructure gap to lay the foundation for future growth, and developing the financial sector so that it can fully contribute to the financing of development in the DRC. It is also important that the government provides new impetus to some stalled structural reforms aimed at strengthening the financial sector (central bank and commercial bank laws), improving the business climate through enforcing the rule of law, and strengthening natural resource management through greater transparency and better governance.

“The IMF remains committed to assisting the DRC government to address these challenges and meet its development goals.”

Google is teaming up w/ carriers to offer its own wireless service in the coming months


During an interview at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona today, Google’s Android chief Sundar Pichai made a few interesting announcements, including confirming the company will launch its own wireless service as an MVNO in the coming months.

The news follows several reports in recent months claiming Google was planning to launch its own wireless network. Back in January, we discussed why a Google MNVO is exactly what the US wireless industry needs.

Google becoming an MVNO, or a mobile virtual network operator, would mean it will likely team up with one of the other carriers to run its own wireless service using one or more networks. Although Google does have several of its own projects for delivering internet access, such as its Project Loon initiative, Pichai confirmed Google is working with other carriers on the roll out of its wireless service. Previous reports suggested that Google’s wireless service would be capable of automatically switching between T-Mobile and Sprint connectivity based on which network offered the best service at any given location.

Pichai didn’t provide many other details, but he did hint that the project would at least initially launch on the scale of its Nexus devices, which could be a hint that the service might first be paired with its own Android devices.