Yei River State appoint commissioners


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David Lokonga Moses the governor of Yei River State has Friday  appointed  four of his County commissioners as care takers in a decree number one for 2016 in Juba.

The governor appointed Samuel Henery Malimu for Yei River County, Augustino Kiri Gwolo for Lainya county, Juluis Lokonga Eliyuda Kajo Keji County and Jacob Tito Phanese Morobo County.

In a separate decree the governor appointed Cosmas Bidali Wori Kojo the former commissioner of Yei River County during Clement Wani Konga time in office  as the Mayor of Yei Municipality. Azaria Khemis Noah was named the deputy Mayor.

David Lokonga also appointed Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa as state government secretary general with his deputy Oliver Mono Michael.

The governor since swearing in by the president is working in Juba at the Jubek State government Secretariat and is yet to go to his State. It is not clear when the governor will go to his State but he too issued a state order constituting a preparatory committee for his reception.

Lokonga named Michael Amule Joseph as chairperson for the preparatory committee deputized by Peter ‘Butili Faragalla, Leone Lemeri George secretary deputized by Wani Richard.



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